Universal Wheel Lock Nut Remover Set

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  • It ranks as one of the worst time wasting exercises encountered in any workshop.
  • Damaged or missing locking wheel nut tools or mangled security nuts.
  • It can turn a simple brake pad change or tyre rotation into hours of frustration and potential wheel damage.
    There is a solution!
  • This tool is widely carried and used by european roadside assist organisations for just this situation and is now available here. It contains special adaptors that conform to the unique shape of the lock nut and special sleeves to protect the wheel from damage.
  • An easy to use kit, allowing the removal of virtually any wheel nut that currently exists on the market including those with spinning collars without damaging the wheel thanks to a protective steel cap.
  • Simply hammer in the moldable replacement blades into the wheel lock nut until it takes the shape of the specific pattern.
  • Connect the assembly tool and unscrew using a breaker bar.

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