Impact Adaptor Socket (1/4″,3/8″,1/2″,3/4″,1″DR)

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  • Drop forged steel adaptors
  • Chrome Molybdenum steel used where applications demand higher torque rates
  • Phosphate finish for added corrosion resistance
  • Spring ball socket retainer and drilled head to accept retaining pin where required
Purchase this item and get 12-50 Points
Purchase this item and get 12-50 Points
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Item Code Female Male Material
A38F14M 3/8″DR 1/4″DR Crm
A38F12M 3/8″DR 1/2″DR Crm
A12F38M 1/2″DR 3/8″DR Crm
A12F34M 1/2″DR 3/4″DR Crm
A34F12M 3/4″DR 1/2″DR Crm
A34F01M 3/4″DR 1″DR Crm
A01F34M 1″DR 3/4″DR Crm
Weight N/A