Automotive Walnut Blaster DE-Carbon Machine

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  • Carbon Deposition- There are some hydrocarbon olefin residues attach on engine intake, cylinder when fuel burn in engine not completely. These residues change into hard black shell in high temperature condition, that called carbon deposition. Carbon deposition will decrease air-fuel ratio, cut down engine output power, increase fuel consumption, engine drastic shake on idle status…all the thing will hurt engine deeply. So normally we should clean carbon deposition after every 40000-50000 KM.
  • This special machine for engine Intake pipe and intake valve back side clean. Close intake valve, then spray walnut powder into engine intake via air pump(not include), meanwhile this walnut blaster will recycle walnut powder by vacuum. This is a closed loop.  Walnut powder will impact carbon deposition on inner wall of intake pipe. After thousands of impact, carbon deposition will be clear thoroughly.
  • Chemical cleaning agent will corrodes pipe and shortens the lifetime of engine. Walnut powder is pure natural polish material. It show high performance in  hardness, anti-pressure and wear-resisting. Walnut powder hardness was lower than metal but higher than carbon deposition. Take these advantages, This walnut blaster will clean intake pipe and back side of intake valve thoroughly but no damage.
  • High-precision engine system is sensitive to foreign matter of intake pipe, such as BMW valvetronic system. That is why we need walnut blaster to clean carbon deposition in intake pipe. Engine should be closed before clean, then turn crankshaft to close intake valve. Walnut blaster clean one intake pipe each time, 6 cylinder engine should cleaned 6 times one by one(and so on)

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This Walnut Blaster is a de-carbon device for intake valve cleaning, whose working principle is to blast the walnut media into the intake valve through high-pressure airflow.

Walnut powder engine Intake pipe valve clean machine is a advanced equipment for clean engine intake carbon deposition.

Keeping engine in healthy status, make sure engine provide high quality power constantly.

Car Engine Carbon Deposition Cleaner Feature:

Deep removal of carbon deposits: Deeply remove the highly sticky carbon deposits on the intake manifold, intake & exhaust valves. (Solve the problems of unstable idling, insufficient fuel combustion, and reduced air-fuel ratio.)

External air source: This enables the walnut sand grit to strike the carbon deposits more powerfully and efficiently.

Built-in dust filter: It can separate the recovered walnut sand grit from carbon deposits for recycling.

Integrated design: The walnut sand grit can be sprayed and recovered simultaneously.

The carbon deposits on the valve and cylinder wall impacted down.

The walnut media and carbon deposit mixture can be recycled through special joints.

It can deeply remove the sticky carbon deposits on the intake manifold, intake valve and exhaust valve. Effectively solve the problems of unstable idling, insufficient air intake, insufficient power, and insufficient acceleration.

How to use?

1. Open head cover and pour into walnut powder (need 2 – 4KG ), press dust guard on walnut powder then close cover

2. Join spray gun muzzle and recycle hose together (there is a hole on recycle hose)

3. Remove intake manifold of engine, plug spray gun into intake, turn crankshaft to close intake valve. Connect high pressure air pump ((not include)) to Walnut Blaster

4. Connect AC power, start clean. The process should last 1-3minutes(depending on carbon deposition circumstances)

5. Close Walnut Blaster, check up cleaning result. Normally, walnut powder can be reuse 5-10 times (depending on carbon deposition circumstances)


1 Air pump pressure should more than 0.7Mpa (7bar/102PSI)

2 Walnut powder diameter should between 0.4-0.8mm, amount in 2-4KG(4-9LB)

3 Cleaning time between 1-3 minutes


Power Supply AC 220V±10% 50Hz AC 110V±10% 60Hz
Main Power 1200W
Sand Volume 13L
Environment Temperature -10°C~+40°C
Relative Moisture <85%
Weight 10 kg