3/8″ Air Filter Regulator Lubricator


  • The flow rate is 5 drops or greater/min under the following conditions : Inlet pressure of 0.5 MPa; Class 1 turbine oil (ISO VG32); Temperature at 20°C; Oil adjustment valve fully open.
  • For a circuit that repeatedly turns ON and OFF on the outlet side, make the adjustment so that the average air consumption per minute becomes the minimum dripping flow rate or more.
  • Lubrication cannot be properly performed if the operating flow rate is too low. Select an appropriately size lubricator by referring to the minimum dripping flow rate provided in the catalog. 

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Port Size (PT, NPT) 3/8″
Filter element
Max Input Pressure (PSI) 215
Max Output Pressure (PSI) 7~142
Max Flow (L/min) 3000
Operating Temp Range 5~60
Drain Capacity 55ml
Oil Capacity 80ml
Recommendable Lubricants ISO VG-3
Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 8 cm


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