220L SandBlast Cabinet | Sandblasting Cabinet

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  • Capacity : 220L
  • Electrical Requirements Of Light : 115V / 230V
  • Max.Working Pressure : 125PSI
  • Working Area : 600 X 840 X 630mm
  • Dimensions : 860mm X 560mm X 1390mm
  • Net Weight : 43Kg
  • Refer to the description below for more details.

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Function :

  • Blast rust, corrosion and paint on large parts in a enclosed cabinet to keep dust off the floor and out of the air.
  • For use with Glass Beads, Silica Sand, Aluminium Oxide and more.

How It Works :


Your shop air hose enters front opening of cabinet and is connected to the air inlet of power gun. Bottom handle of gun has 1/4″ pipe threads which will fit most air hose. Cabinet pickup tube leads to clear siphon hose which connects to gun head assembly.


Pour glass beads or other abrasive into cabinet hopper through the side loading door. Place parts to be blasted in cabinet and close door. With hands in cabinet gloves aim power gun at object, pull trigger and let our unique siphon recycling system do the rest. Rust, paint and scale are quickly removed, leaving the original metal clean and intact. Abrasive drops to the bottom of cabinet for continual recycling each time power gun is activated.


Abrasive can be re-used until it eventually breaks down or becomes dusty. To discard worn abrasive simply place empty box under spring loaded trap door. Add more abrasive and resume blasting.


Your shop vac connects to vacuum ferrule is necessary to remove the dust created in blasting. When using a shop vacuum, be sure to install the paper filter over the standard filter. Otherwise, abrasive could work its way into the vacuum motor, causing bearing failure.


At right front of cabinet is an opening for your air hose from your compressor. An ordinary 3/8″ ID air hose should fit through this opening, connect your air hose should fit through this opening. Connect your air hose to bottom handle of power gun by screwing into place(use teflon tape or pipe compound-do not over tighten). Close door and pull nigger a few times to test operation. You are now ready to add abrasive.

Weight 50 kg
Dimensions 98 × 55 × 65 cm