175Pcs Multi Size Thread Rivet Nuts Set

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  • Rivet nuts can be installed in many different kinds of material including steel, plastic and fiberglass etc.
  • A ribbed body holds the nut in place so it won’t turn when tightening a screw.
  • The tool collapses the nut, creating a backside flange that holds the nut to the material.
  • Strong and corrosion resistant.
  • Not easy to rust.

Package included:

  • 40pcs x M3*9mm Rivet Nuts
  • 40pcs x M4*11mm Rivet Nuts
  • 40pcs x M5*13mm Rivet Nuts
  • 30pcs x M6*15mm Rivet Nuts
  • 15pcs x M8*18mm Rivet Nuts
  • 10pcs x M10*21mm Rivet Nuts

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